1. The Berg-en-Dal Hiking Club was established in 1986 by a group of hikers from George, a town located in the Garden Route area of the Western Cape.  Accordingly, the foundation has been laid to formalise an arrangement that had grown from a common love for hiking in the mountains and surrounding areas.  Since then, the club has grown to be active and successful with around 120 members of which approximately 40% regularly attend hikes.


  1. The club organises hiking events that take place during Tuesday and Saturday mornings, as well as backpack and weekend excursions and longer trips ranging between 3 and 8 days.  Tuesday hikes are limited to 3 hours (approx. 10 km) except for the first Tuesday of the month when a longer hike is arranged and hikers are invited to bring along and enjoy something to eat and drink.  Saturday hikes range between 12 to 20 km, with an average duration of between 4 and 7 hours.


  1. All the information regarding hikes is indicated on the official programs and reflect the gathering point, date and starting time of the hike, the level of difficulty, the destination as well as the name and contact details of the hike leader.  Hikes are graded as A, B, C or D, with “A” hikes being fairly easy and “D” hikes being more difficult and/or longer in distance and time.


  1. Before joining as a club member, the applicant is expected to participate in at least 3 hikes with the club. Thereafter they may approach a committee member to apply for membership of the club.  Applications for membership will be completed in accordance with clause 5 of the club’s constitution.


  1. The club, management, hikers and co-hikers do not accept any liability whatsoever for personal injuries and/or damage or loss of personal property or the death of hikers and/or their minors during outings.  A new member or guest is obliged to hand over to the hike leader a completed and signed indemnity form before commencing on an excursion.


  1. Applicants considered for membership must:
    • have a good understanding of the club’s Constitution and Rules;
    • be fit and healthy enough to undertake a specific hike;
    • be able to socially interact with group activities;
    • be able to accept responsibility for him- / herself;
    • behave in a disciplined manner;
    • respect the environment.


  1. Membership fees are as follows:
    • first year application fee:  R200.00 and thereafter an annual membership fee:  R120.00.


  1. Guest fee per activity is R50.00 (See 7.2 of the Constitution).